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About Ligence

At Ligence, we believe there is a better way to hire top tech talent. We are an AI-powered recruiting platform that takes the guesswork out of technical hiring by providing data-driven candidate assessments.

Our intelligent algorithms analyze candidates' GitHub repositories and LinkedIn profiles to evaluate their skills, experience levels, progression over time, and likelihood of success at your company. This enables you to make smarter, more informed hiring decisions and build high-performing engineering teams.

Our Vision

We envision a future where hiring is easy, efficient, and driven by data-based insights rather than guesses, gut feelings, or human bias. Our mission is to transform the broken recruiting process with the power of artificial intelligence.

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AI-Powered Analysis

Our proprietary natural language processing and machine learning algorithms draw actionable insights from huge volumes of candidate data. We decode candidates' technical abilities, soft skills, productivity, approaches to problem-solving, communication styles, and much more.

By benchmarking candidates against the attributes of your current top performers, we predict which candidates are most likely to succeed at your organization.

We also detect warning signs that may be overlooked by human reviewers - helping your team avoid bad hires.

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Meet the Founder

With over a decade of experience in AI and software engineering, Kevin Manase, the founder and CEO, recognized the inefficiency of traditional recruiting methods. Ligence, under his leadership, innovates by analyzing candidates' real code, streamlining the hiring process to focus on practical skills rather than theoretical puzzles. This approach not only saves time but also accurately assesses an engineer's true capabilities, revolutionizing the way tech talents are hired.

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